Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage

Here’s the latest celebrity to be seen in wholesale designer bags around New York.

When we see Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage, we all think, “Well duh,” and here, at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala, it’s no different. Of course this dress fits her like a glove, much like the “Naked Dress” from season one of “Sex and the City,” but the dress isn’t what I’m looking at. It’s the bag.


Italian Leather Handbags

This week I’m writing about italian leather handbags and their fine craftsmanship. Read the blog below to find out more about wholesale designer bags.

Italian Leather Handbags

Coach New Baby Bag Coated Canvas Tote

Being pregnant or being a mom never means that you have to sacrifice your fashion style, for now a lot of top fashion brands have realized the niche and begun to fulfill it with all kinds of clothes, shoes, handbags and other wholesale designer bags for pregnant ladies and new moms. Mentioned the fashion handbag for new moms, you cannot miss the latest handbags from Coach House. 

YSL Roady Studded Suede Hobo

How cool and retro is this for wholesale designer bags!

YSL’s Roady Studded Suede Hobo instantly brought me back to 1987 when I was in high school and Bon Jovi ruled our world.

Models love Michael Kors

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Sure models have no say in what they wear on the runway but they certainly have strong opinions about what they wear on the street. 

Models love Michael Kors

Katherine Heigl in Sylvia Toledano

Another celebrity with wholesale designer bags.

“For the past few weeks, it has been pretty difficult for me to be objective when it comes to Katherine Heigl. To me, hair is a big part of an entire red carpet look, and I don’t particularly like this boxed dye look on her. But for the moment, I am distracted and I’m distracted in a good way. “

Katherine Heigl in Sylvia Toledano

Mulberry Large Clipper made of Mole-Cognac Scotchgrain

Another post related to wholesale designer bags.

“While preparing for the coming long holiday, I find this mulberry large clipper bag very functional. Being appealing and wearable, nothing says “classic mulberry” like this new scotchgrain luggage bag. This new bag has beautifully textured surface which is accented by smooth leather trim in a contrast color, and it is delicately lined with internal mulberry tree fabric. This bag meets bi-requirements of a good travel piece. That is. The bag is built to last for long time and it looks good while doing it.”